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  • Painting a Quick Bronze Effect by Victoria

    I painted my F-111 Winged Boar bronze as a gift for a friend over the Christmas break. There are several bronze paints available but as the shops were shut I decided to give it a go with the paints I had at hand.

    I started by cleaning and assembling the model and applying a flat black spray undercoat, retouching the black with dilute P3 Thamar Black to ensure no recesses were missed.

    I then dry brushed the entire model quite liberally with a 50/50 mix of Citadel Tin Bits and P3 Brass balls.
    Once dry, a diluted wash of Citadel Devlan Mud and Badab Black was applied.

    I could have finished at this stage but I wanted to add a hint of oxidation to create a more convincing bronze finish. This was done with a mix of P3 Arcane Blue, P3 Menoth White, Citadel Thraka Green, Devlan Mud and a tiny bit of black. This was made onto a very dilute wash and applied in controlled way to areas I wanted most oxidization (mouth, hooves, base of wings).

    When this was dry I used the same wash mix even more diluted over the entire model, then as it dried, removed some of the excess from highlight areas with a tissue. Once thoroughly dry the model was given a light polish with a damp cloth and a light spray of varnish.

    This was a very quick painting process, and a simple way to prepare a miniature as a gift. More images of this model can be seen at
    Happy painting,
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    1. fanai's Avatar
      fanai -
      lovely work and I get the name - just needa an afterburner so it can dump and burn
    1. pistache's Avatar
      pistache -
      Great and pretty simple (or at least you make it look that way), I have to try it.
    1. GI_Jones's Avatar
      GI_Jones -

      It looks so real. How would you do it with brass? What is P3 Brass balls?

      Kind regards.
    1. zombiesrcoolpainting's Avatar
      zombiesrcoolpainting -
      looks great particularly for something so fast
    1. cid33's Avatar
      cid33 -
      From as simple as it seems to me beautiful
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