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  • January New Releases from Armorcast

    New terrain releases from Armorcast for January 2011. First off is the erupting alien birthing pod. Be it burrowing out of the ground or falling out of the sky, send your gribbling, beastly troops behind enemy lines with these pods.
    Armorcast is developing a new line of terrain – ScrapTech. These post industrial designs can litter your gaming world (or tabletop) for cover as defensive structures. The first two new designs are tire piles. They are great all around terrain for modern to sci-fi gaming.
    Armorcast has also re-released several more Lance & Laser miniatures for your favorite RPG’s

    • ACA014 Erupting Alien Birthing Pod $7.00
    • ACST002 Medium ScrapTech Tire Pile #1 (2 Pcs) $9.00
    • ACST001 ScrapTech Tire Pile #1 (2 Pcs) $7.00
    • LL(06027) Greater Swamp Zombie $5.99
    • LL(06026) Greater Troglodyte $4.99
    • LL(06025) Doppleganger $3.50
    • LL(06024) Troglodytes (2 Figs) $6.99
    • LL(06023) Lesser Swamp Lizards (3 figs) $5.99
    • LL(06021) Swamp Zombies (3 Figs) $8.99
    • LL(06020) Greater Wraith $7.99
    • LL(06019) Vampire in Werebat Form $12.49
    • LL(06018) Ice Troll $9.99
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