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  • Armorcast’s First Annual Cinematic Effects Modeling Contest

    Armorcast LLC announces the First Annual Cinematic Effects Modeling Contest. We at Armorcast LLC want to see who has made the coolest miniature or model using Armorcast’s Cinematic Effects accessory products. This is an online contest, so get your digital cameras out send us your best photos! Armorcast LLC will be accepting entrants from 4-1-2011 until 6-1-11 midnight 2011.

    More details after the break.

    The Rules:

    1. Any brand of miniature or scratch built model can be used provided that an Armorcast Cinematic Effect has been used on final piece.

    2. Two Photos per entry max and 1 Megabyte per photo max.

    3. Judging is based on quality of the photo, quality of the paint job, your modeling skills as well as the creative use of Armrocast Cinematic Effects.

    4. Categories: Single Miniature, Unit, Monster/Vehicle, Armorcast Family of miniatures or models

    5. Provide: Name, Mailing Address, description of model and Cinematic Effect used.

    6. Send entrants to:

    7. We will not bar any miniature or model that has been posted on the web or have had been previously entered into other contests. Your work must be your own and entrants cannot be an employee of Armorcast LLC or an affiliate.

    8. Prizes per category: First Place $50.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate, Second Place $25.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate, Third Place, $15.00 Armrocast Gift Certificate

    Best of Show: $100.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate

    Also BattleFoam will be sponsoring The best Unit and Best Monster / Vehicle category and they are donating a $50.00 gift certificate for Best Unit and $25.00 for Best Monster / Vehicle.

    Armorcast retains the right to add or amend the categories as they see fit. With each photo entry, the participant grants Armorcast LLC fully rights to publish photos in print or digital media for advertising purposes.
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    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      i wish i had known about this earlier. as it is i doubt i could get an order in by the deadline, much less put paint on it.
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