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    Confrontation lives!

    Legacy Miniatures is excited to announce that they have secured the license to the entire Confrontation back catalog, and will immediately start producing previously released and unreleased figures from this amazing and sorely missed miniatures line.

    Confrontation was a game published by Rackham Entertainment until it entered liquidation in 2009, and some of the most amazing 28mm figures in the world ceased to be available at that time. Cyanide Studios, a prominent French video game developer, has acquired the Confrontation IP and has licensed the miniatures to Legacy Miniatures.

    "We're incredibly pleased", said Vincent Fontaine Artistic Director of Legacy Miniatures and former Paint Director of Rackham Entertainment. "We're starting out slowly and doing about 2 to 4 releases a month, some miniatures that never saw production before Rackham closed its doors."

    Working exclusively with CoolMiniOrNot, these "new" releases and re-releases of old favorites will first be avaliable at Gencon 2011 Indy, with the never before seen Hydra and the rare Flesh Golem making their debut. The plan currently is to produce limited runs, these incredibly hot miniatures will be sure to sell out fast!

    "Obviously we're thrilled", said David Doust, co-founder of Cool Mini Or Not. "Although we handle beautiful miniatures every day, there is something special about Confrontation. We're looking forward to helping bring these miniatures back to life."

    For further information, please contact at Legacy Miniatures, or at CoolMiniOrNot Inc.
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    1. TrystanGST's Avatar
      TrystanGST -
      YAY! Confrontation lives!
    1. Tommie Soule's Avatar
      Tommie Soule -
    1. gohkm's Avatar
      gohkm -
      Whoo hoo!! This calls for a celebration - where's my 30 year old single malt?
    1. atacam's Avatar
      atacam -
      At last this is public knowledge, I was nearly at bursting point.
    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      holy cow! thats big news! huge! totally made my mini day.
    1. salun's Avatar
      salun -
      Awesome!! Looking forward to getting much poorer on money, but MUCH richer on minis
    1. bane3d's Avatar
      bane3d -
      Superb!! Time to buy more mini's :-) I think I have so much Confrontation mini's for lifetime, but hey... :-)
    1. CarbonCopy's Avatar
      CarbonCopy -
      Ooohhhh. YES!!! I want me some of these!I didn't see it mentioned, but are these going to be produced in Resin or Pewter?
    1. Antipatros's Avatar
      Antipatros -
      Words fail to describe my excitement!
    1. crystella333's Avatar
      crystella333 -
      The world of mini-painter's rejoice with this good news.
    1. SkelettetS's Avatar
      SkelettetS -
      yezzzz!!! wonderful!
    1. starcrow's Avatar
      starcrow -
      très bonne nouvelle ! encourageant pour une suite sérieuse ?! et peut etre la reprise d'AT 43 ? ^^
    1. MugenSama's Avatar
      MugenSama -
      that's HUGE !
    1. leopardpixie's Avatar
      leopardpixie -
      omg awesome! i was just telling my friends the other day about how beautiful the confrontation models were, but no longer on the market! WOO HOO!
    1. ijee's Avatar
      ijee -
      Get in !! brilliant news.... looking forward to seeing the new stuff.... nnnnnnnnnnyeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Lyraenos's Avatar
      Lyraenos -
      I knew this was going to happen... was just waiting patiently until all the deals were signed the news released!
    1. skraaal's Avatar
      skraaal -
      Awesome! d(^_^)b
    1. Kazar's Avatar
      Kazar -
      Great news. I can finally fill out the rest of my Mid-nor Army.
    1. Plebicidal's Avatar
      Plebicidal -
      I want Belial!
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      OKAY. I'm officially a Happy Bunny.THANK YOU.
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