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    Model Display Products are finally fully on the web, it has been a long road from selling our products from the boot of the car or a rucksack to friends and interested parties but we would like to take this opportunity to announce to you that we are finally there, our full range of discs, blocks, plinths, bases and magnetic/metallic sheet can now be found on our website along with our very popular range of Round Lip bases and Steam Punk Wreckage bases. New products are in the pipeline that we will let you know about as soon as they are ready.

    We would also like to thank our friends for their support and encouragement with this project and for all those that will be attending FigureWorld on 23rd July we will be there as a trader with a full range of products and should anybody wish to place an order for collection at this event please contact us by Thursday 21st July to avoid disappointment as some of our plinths are in limited numbers at the moment.

    Model Display Products are also very pleased to announce our recent acquirement of the Eolith 54mm range, the range includes Shae, Rose, Autumn and the others and it is our intention to release these figures under “War Griffon Miniatures” during the coming months. We are also looking to expand the range and will be looking to work with sculptors for 54mm sculpts in due course. The range will remain in resin and we have no current plans to release the figures or any future sculpts in any other material except resin.

    The first two miniatures to be released have been cast and received and are presently on their way to our chosen painter to do the box art, we can tell you though that one of the first two figures will include a figure not previously released in resin and once the box art has been done we will release further details.

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