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  • Cang has arrived!

    Thank you for following the teasers. Here is Cang the Implacable, Cool Mini Or Not's 10th Anniversary Dragon! This beast stands 20in' tall from the wing-tip down to the rocky base.

    See you at GenCon!

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    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      very nice. the overall effect is great. talk about a retirement project....
    1. StarFyre's Avatar
      StarFyre -
      ok, i want that..but sadly have to wait till after gencon for regular release
    1. CarbonCopy's Avatar
      CarbonCopy -
      Is it really cast in red resin?
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      I really do want this... even if I never got around to painting it, it would look totally badass.
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      It's cast in neutral gray, that tint in the packaging is just for effect until we get a painted version done. More web shots will come online with multiple views when we add it to the store for online ordering!
    1. Deadestdai's Avatar
      Deadestdai -
      For some reason, the picture is not loading for me.
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Weird, what's your browser? edit: I've uploaded this to Facebook too.
    1. buddhaknue's Avatar
      buddhaknue -
      First place I will stop thursday at gencon will be the coolmini booth. If this is as awesome in person then I plan on buying it! Can't wait to check this and the new confrontation stuff out!
    1. blackfly's Avatar
      blackfly -
      That red tint makes it almost unviewable. *shudder*
    1. hunter101's Avatar
      hunter101 -
      So when dose it go on sale. Im from the UK and a very serious buyer when it comes to dragons. And how do I get one as I cant get to the convetchion? Help wood be ace or a pm.
    1. Dashyl's Avatar
      Dashyl -
      @hunter101, if you read previous posts (from the teasers) it was stated that it will be on sale in the month of august for 250, and 300 after that! and they said they will keep making them as long as their is a demand for it!! hope this helps!!
    1. fenderjr's Avatar
      fenderjr -
      Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY
    1. wallacer's Avatar
      wallacer -
      It's August now. When will we be able to buy it?
    1. hunter101's Avatar
      hunter101 -
      Yes When when when? This cash is burning a hole in my pocket!
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