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  • Gen Con is right around the corner!

    Gen Con is right around the corner and CMON is making absolutely sure that we have the coolest minis in the hall! Come visit us at booth 849!

    - Plenty of Dark Age releases including 2 brand new hard cover books, tournaments, demos, new miniatures, super deals and much more.

    - Soda Pop miniatures galore with limited release of the most anticipated Super Dungeon Explore, try some Relic knight demos, tons of pre-release miniatures and meet the lead designers.

    - Mike McVey will be representing Studio McVey, launching his new Sci-Fi game - Sedition Wars with a brand new faction, learn to play this new exciting game from the legend himself!

    - Come and meet miniature painting super star, Jennifer Haley, who will be doing painting demos at the CMON booth throughout the weekend and promoting her new Miniature Painting Secret DVD.

    - Our awesome new anniversary dragon!

    Resin Confrontation goodies from Legacy Miniatures

    Kingdom Death pre-releases, Avatars of War, CMON Miniatrures, Degra Miniatures, Enigma Miniatures, Gamezone Miniatures, Instant Mold, Kabuki Models, Knight Models, Mad Puppet Miniatures, Maow Miniatures, Microart Studios, Nocturna Models, Scibor Monstrous Miniatures, Tale of War Miniatures, The Army painter... and much more.

    SO, if you like miniatures, you owe it to yourself to stop by and look at all the fun stuff!
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    1. Almanro's Avatar
      Almanro -
      The Confrontation Golem with the new head and hammer is stunning! Compliments to the painters!
    1. CelticPagan's Avatar
      CelticPagan -
      Will that Golem and Hydroctpus thingie going up on the shop once Gen Con is over? If so they are heading into my Tzeentch themed WoC army! They will make nice additions for Storm of Magic. BTW, great paint jobs on both!
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