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  • Japan action to help the population

    To help the Japanese population hard hit after the terrible earthquake triggered a huge tsunami on March, the french forum Minicréateurs takes place two actions, whose profits will be donated to associations of aid to victims (la Croix Rouge):
    - a box of 8 minis (this bust is one of them) sculpted by talented artists, will be edited. It should be available by the end of September. The resin cast will be done by Fenryll (as in his time the box carried by the forum Créafig via the operation for the tsunami in Asia in 2004).

    - a raffle is being implemented.
    Each ticket will cost € 5, and it is not less than 140 lots that have been collected from various partners. The “original” paint of the 8 minis of the box will be part of the lots.

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