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    Blu-Stuff Molding Putty Available

    Blu-Stuff is a new product aimed at model makers and converters that allows incredibly easy and quick press molds to be made. The level of captured detail is superb and unlike many other silicone based putties Blu-Stuff cures dry, not oily. It is a perfect compliment to “Green Stuff”, allowing it to easily push into the mold without slipping but also not sticking to it.

    An introductory video to using Blu-Stuff can be found here:

    For more information find us at:
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    1. Antigonos's Avatar
      Antigonos -
      Well, I have to say to all people that still wonder whether they should give blu-stuff a try to not think twice. If I say that it improved by 100% the quality and speed of my conversions, it would still be an understatement. If you are into the hobby, you NEED to try this material.For me the highlights are the curing time, the fact that the putty is rigid but still flexible enough, its smooth finish and its incredible to capacity to hold sharp details.A must for every converter/hobbyist.
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