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    We've just acquired Tabletop Gaming News, a blog that focuses on tabletop gaming in general, as compared to CMoN which is mostly about miniatures. Zac Belado, the Founding Editor, will be staying on and providing reviews and general editorial coverage. Ross Thompson will be taking over the daily responsibilities of posting news items and general site administration.

    For those of you familiar with TGN, it's a staple of our industry and I'm very pleased to work with Zac on it. TGN will maintain the editorial sensibility set by Zac in terms of general, neutral coverage of tabletop games. To read Zac's and Ross's post on this, hit http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com for their thoughts. If you have no idea what TGN is, now is a good time to find out!
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    1. Skrit's Avatar
      Skrit -
      Just wondering if it will stay the same and not be turned into a personal advertising page?
    1. odinsgrandson's Avatar
      odinsgrandson -
      Well, from Ross' post on TGN, and a few indications besides, it looks like TGN is going to be the same.You've taken over a great responsibility. Make sure the Reader's Choice and Editor's Choice Awards keep up the high quality.Of course, CMON things will continue to be covered- but it isn't like the community over there wasn't pretty much always happy to hear about new releases from this way.
    1. vegel's Avatar
      vegel -
      I visit the Tabletop blog every day, I have it with my morning coffee at the office, love it, excellent time saverhow Zac and his family are getting better ^^ read that they got the flu or something
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      The strength of TGN is that it is a different service to CMON; there would be no point changing the type or editorial neutrality of the news posted. No change in service, just more of the same, with higher frequency.
    1. CelticPagan's Avatar
      CelticPagan -
      Fantastic! Now can you possibly acquire TMP? I'd rather that site be in the hands of people that don't support companies that rip off Artists, as the current owner does.
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