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  • CMON Shop Update: Confrontation Cyclop of Mid-Nor now available!

    The last of Wave 2 Confrontation release - Cyclop of Mid-Nor is now available!

    Confrontation - Cyclop of Mid-Nor

    Just look at the detail of this Cyclop, assembled straight out of the box!

    Comes with a round base and a square base, and the Confrontation 3.5 card necessary for gaming.

    Available now exclusively from CMON On-line store.
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    1. Garshnak's Avatar
      Garshnak -
      Aaaahhh so pretty! Why does this have to come out when I have no money to spend on minis!!! Are there plans to restock (in later dates) sold out miniatures if the demand is high enough?
    1. Neatpete's Avatar
      Neatpete -
      $80? c'mon CMON... Taking pricing tips from GW?
    1. scotty kahn's Avatar
      scotty kahn -
      That price is ridiculous to be sure. Guess I wont be snagging a second one for my middies.
    1. berkzol's Avatar
      berkzol -
      Wow, it`s awesome!!! It seems it has more detail then the original piece! Thank you Legacy, thank you CMON, you bought me (again) :-) I`ve just ordered my third Legacy release :-) Keep up the good work!
    1. Szab's Avatar
      Szab -
      Hi All, Just wanted to express my excitement about this Release. It's gorgeous quality, even better than the original metal line. Tough I must agree that the price is probably a bit high. Not for itself; I believe that small release high quality collectors items are priced like this. I only wish that more people could afford Legacy Miniatures releases so that Legacy would grow and continue producing this fantastic line-up for many years to come, even releasing newly sculpted stuff or doing a new edition of the game itself. Keept the thing up! Szab
    1. Mahrdol's Avatar
      Mahrdol -
      Detail seems to be the same as my unpainted metal one so I don't know how you see more detail. Please be more specific and tell me a detail that is not on the metal cyclops.
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