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  • CMON Shop Update: Confrontation Wave 3 now available!

    Confrontation Wave 3 now available! With 3 offerings this time.

    Drac Mac Syro and the Fiannas (7) As we all know the fiannas were the defining miniatures for Confrotantion and Drac Mac Syro was a rare limited edition miniature that was only available with the Ragnarok box set.

    Confrontation - Molochs (2)

    And the third one is a real treat, a never before released Confrontation - Dirz Wyrm with 3 different head options!

    Available now exclusively at CMON On-line store. Get them while supplies last!
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    1. Almanro's Avatar
      Almanro -
      Wonderful! Is it possible to have a picture of the Wyrm near another miniature to better determine its size?Thanks,Almanro
    1. Gannon's Avatar
      Gannon -
      All very cool, thanks!
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
      sure thing Almanro, I will get one up first thing tomorrow.
    1. Alek's Avatar
      Alek -
      Just one question. This time I see the Dirz Wyrm in Limited Edition section Could you tell me how many Dirz Wyrms are produced ?
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
      Most of the initial runs are around 200, after that depending on demand, Legacy will decide if they want to do a second run. So far, we have enough releases to keep us busy for a while, so there are no current plans to make any more.
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
    1. Almanro's Avatar
      Almanro -
      Many thanks for the photo!
    1. Taelok's Avatar
      Taelok -
      Any chance for Hybrid cards for these new releases, especially the Dirz Wyrm?
    1. Corvus's Avatar
      Corvus -
      What's the purpose of those expensive boxed sets? I mean, I'm very interested in a Drac Mac Syro, or one of the undead Gargoyles, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on other miniatures I don't need. Why no blisters with individual figures?
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
      This is my reply on TGN

      Just to be clear, these waves and price structure are determined by Legacy Miniatures according to their market research. The idea right now as I understand is that they are looking to provide mostly unreleased products in limited runs until they can figure out what and if they want to revive the game in the future. So, while these super high quality resin versions of Confrontation miniatures may not be the perfect solution to some, it serves as a temporary fix for those who are still looking for some of these amazing miniatures.
    1. czlowiek.morze's Avatar
      czlowiek.morze -
      That kind of logic is completly insane! As I understand Fianas and Undead boxes are meant to be starter boxes and are roughly about 350 pts worth models.How do Legacy Miniatures want people to play Confrontation game, when for such starter box you have to pay 90$ with 6 minis inside? Those miniatures are cool, but for that price you can buy whole games with rules, dices and tons of miniatures for 2 players (GW, PP)! If I were a new gamer I would never start playing this game. It is like a ferrari car, many love it only few can have it. At first I was amased with the news about Confrontation back, but now I see that it has changed nothing. The prices are the same as those on e-bays around the world.
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