• CMON Shop Update: Cyber Monday Sale!

    We would like to thank all our customers for their tremendous response to our Black Friday Sale, but I am sure many of you had bigger fish to fry on Friday, so here it is, once more, with feeling, our Annual Cyber Monday Sale!

    15% off store wide, including the #1 game of the season - Super Dungeon Explore! Over 5000 items to choose from, don't miss out on this great opportunity to stock up on tools and paints as well as all those high dollar miniatures that you been wanting to get your hands on.

    Sale starts tonight at Midnight for 24 hours!

    Supplies are limited, get your shopping cart loaded now!
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    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      Couldn't resist.
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    How to make a cheap yet effective spray booth.

    Hello everyone. I'm here to show you how to make a nice spray booth for airbrushing. I took what I learned from watching different videos and came up with what worked best for me. After collecting all the items, the job of putting everything together actually only took me about 30 minutes. Below is the list of items you will need.

    1.) Plastic storage tub $6-$10 (Mine was free because I found it in the garage).
    2.) Ventilation fan $18
    3.) Air... read more
    gunrunr 04-07-2017, 07:00 PM

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