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  • CMON Shop Update: CMON welcomes Bobby Jackson Miniatures!

    You may not know Bobby Jackson by face or name, but more likely than not you know his skill at sculpting. Having worked for numerous companies for over 20 years, Bobby is one of the veterans of this industry and is now launching his own premier line of figures! Here you'll find the stuff that Bobby wants to work on, rather than as paid commissions.

    This is the brand new, never before seen Fairy Hunter

    Fairies.... f**king fairies. Little flitty fools whizzing about, getting you down? Don't reach for the spray, call the Fairy Hunter today! With her environmentally friendly mini-crossbow, she'll cull the little blighters on the wing, AND recycle their dust for safe and approved potions!

    Remember, when you've got a Fairy problem, call the Fairy Hunter.

    And 2 more previously under the CMON banner.

    Gate Keeper (Limited Edition: 499) (1)

    Necromancer (Limited Edition: 499) (1)

    Available now at CMON On-line store.

    Expect to see regular releases in this miniature line.

    For trade inquiries, please contact
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    1. Tommie Soule's Avatar
      Tommie Soule -
      The gate keeper rocks
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