• SOPA Blackout 18th - 7am GMT to 7pm GMT

    Edit: Strike over folks, back to work!

    We’ve decided to add CoolMiniOrNot and TGN to the proposed SOPA protest blackout on January the 18th, from 7am GMT to 7pm GMT, which translates to 2am EST to 2pm EST and 11pm PST to 11am PST. For more information, hit http://www.sopastrike.com

    In theory we aren’t directly affected, being a wholly owned US corporation on US servers (the proposed act applies only to websites outside of US jurisdiction), and CoolMiniOrNot Inc as publishers could conceivably benefit from anti-piracy laws. While preventing piracy is a laudable aim, we feel that this legislation as proposed goes too far and will have a chilling effect on the Internet as a whole. It just isn’t right, and so we will join the blackout on the 18th to spread this message.

    If you agree with our position, please support us and educate those who are not aware. If you do not know what SOPA is, take the time learn what it's about as you will be affected by it, where ever you are in the world.
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    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I'm always ready for a good strike!
    1. itsacoyote's Avatar
      itsacoyote -
      I believe this article illustrates how possible it can become for domestic websites to be targeted as well. Overall SOPA/PIPA are wrong and I am glad that CoolMiniOrNot is joining the blackout.
    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      good call.
    1. Spoontoes's Avatar
      Spoontoes -
      I might actually get some painting done as opposed to spending all my unemployed bum time hitting the 'show new posts' button on here
    1. LordWehrmacht's Avatar
      LordWehrmacht -
      Thank you Chern.... I fully support this. However I will really really really miss it tomorrow. I think im addicted.
    1. RangerRuss's Avatar
      RangerRuss -
      Way to go! The more websites that join the strike feeling that they might be effected by SOPA/PIPA, the more people will be able to see how much of an impact the bill(s) could actually have.
    1. wiccanpony's Avatar
      wiccanpony -
      raising fist into air ...... I stand my geek brothers and sisters, (Witch reliving the 60s)
    1. vonjunk's Avatar
      vonjunk -
      Perhaps this video posted at Wordpress will help sort things out: http://vimeo.com/31100268 in other words, terrible for all who use the internet. Happy CMON is on board.
    1. Milosh's Avatar
      Milosh -
      I understand why some websites have something to possibly fear, but if one is going to protest one should protest all the way. Having your cake and eating it too certainly applies to one of the "protesting" websites I saw. The main page of the website in question had blocked their non/little revenue paticipant pages in "protest" but amazingly their revenue producing shopping pages were still open for shoppers to spend money. Things like that kills the meaning behind protesting in the first place. I won't name the site in question out of respect for capitalism but my view of them has forever changed.
    1. srmalloy's Avatar
      srmalloy -
      All it would take for a cutoff to be filed against CoolMiniOrNot would be for someone to post a picture of a miniature that was sculpted to resemble a copyrighted character, or a link to a site where you could buy such a miniature -- or even a legally-produced and -purchased authorized miniature that is being used in a way that the organization holding the copyright doesn't like. It doesn't matter whether the miniature is actually infringing or not, or whether the organization filing the claim actually has a copyright; they merely have to be able to say afterward that they believed that the material infringed on one of their copyrights -- a pitifully low hurdle to surmount.
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      The largest target in our entire industry is GW, as most of their infrastructure is based outside the US. Since their products draw so much inspiration from popular culture and fantasy tropes, they could conceivably come under attack from all sides very quickly indeed. They are simply a big fish in a very small pond, SOPA/PIPA would crush GW's online presence with the MPAA sharks swimming about. The only reason why movie studios and music labels are for this is because they have a tacit agreement not to attack each other, much like how having a very large patent portfolio is both defensive as well as offensive (any attack will be mutually destructive).

      For example, with Egypt's ludicrous attempt to copyright the Pyramids, under the reciprocal Berne convention of which the USA is a signatory, the Egyptian government would then be able to establish a "good faith" belief that the Necron Monolith breaches their alleged copyright on the Pyramids, that images of Monoliths also infringe these copyrights, that sale of Monoliths are counterfeit, and with a very low bar of procedure or evidence, have GW's site shutdown and/or delisted, and have Visa stop doing business with GW. Of course, GW would be free to fight this and have their site and business relationships re-established weeks later, but frankly why would Visa want to work with GW again? It wouldn't be worth the hassle. And since Egypt had a "good faith" belief of infringement (even though it was stupid and wrong), they could cause all this damage to GW without recourse or compensation to GW. This is obviously insane, and yet one possible way to interpret this very broadly worded legislation.
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