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  • CMON Shop Update: New Cadwallon from Confrontation!

    Just as the very last Militia of Cadwallon got sold, here is another 6 never released Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers figures!

    Confrontation - Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers (6)

    Available exclusively from CMON On-line store.
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    1. Alek's Avatar
      Alek -
      Wow! They are amazing ! :-)

      What else, what else in that wave ? I'd like to save some money on shipment if possible.
    1. michiel's Avatar
      michiel -
      Wow!! Mini's from the Cadwallon book that never where available!
      Will be added to the collection
    1. Moradin's Avatar
      Moradin -
      I can't believe it! Today (Jan 30th), all the 82 boxes were sold! Is there a plan to get more in store?
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
      where did you this 82 number from?

      and our shipment sold out this weekend. Not sure if there are plans to make more as of now.
    1. Baboon Tycoon's Avatar
      Baboon Tycoon -
      Ugh, you guys sold out in 3 days? Any more on the way? By the time I learned about these they were gone...
    1. Moradin's Avatar
      Moradin -
      It was the number that was put on the stock number last week when they came out, (unless I am sorely confused). I told myself that I had time to get them a bit later, but I was mistaken, they went out mightily fast! When the product is that good...

      I just hope that there will be another batch later, this time I won't miss it!

      Quote Originally Posted by borg View Post
      where did you this 82 number from?

      and our shipment sold out this weekend. Not sure if there are plans to make more as of now.
    1. Alek's Avatar
      Alek -
      I'm pretty sure it was more than 82.

      Borg, please tell us what can we expect now? Was it all in this wave ?
    1. Gniknok's Avatar
      Gniknok -
      please produce another run of this item, by the time I knew about it it was already gone!
    1. klepto's Avatar
      klepto -
      Looking at the store, it seems Legacy should think about increasing their production runs of previously un-released models.

      I wish these guys had a web site or forum where we could communicate with them.
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