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  • Crystal Brush 2012 Winners!

    Our 2nd year of the Crystal Brush, done and dusted!

    1st - Gea - Jose Palomares
    2nd - Any Problem? - Diego Esteban
    3rd - Steam Dreams of Wonderland - Sebastian Archer

    See all the entries here:

    Interviews with all 3 overall winners after the break ...
    Sebastian Archer

    Diego Esteban

    Jose Palomares
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    1. althai's Avatar
      althai -
      Congrats to all of the winners, especially JMPN!
    1. CoreyHaim8myDog's Avatar
      CoreyHaim8myDog -
      Did you enter, Althai?
    1. althai's Avatar
      althai -
      Not this year, sadly. I'm working in New Zealand for a year, so it was a bit far to travel.
    1. skraaal's Avatar
      skraaal -
      Yup - big congrats to everyone that won!
    1. CoreyHaim8myDog's Avatar
      CoreyHaim8myDog -
      Quote Originally Posted by althai View Post
      Not this year, sadly. I'm working in New Zealand for a year, so it was a bit far to travel.

      Yeah, that's a hell of a commute. I like your stuff though.
    1. Lancio's Avatar
      Lancio -
      WOw!! really good!! congratulation to the Winners!!
    1. Natalie's Avatar
      Natalie -
      That winning sculpt, Sad Lord of the Path, is gorgeous! If only some company out there would grab that and produce it... *hint hint* =D
    1. Neatpete's Avatar
      Neatpete -
      Thanks for the vid. Grats to all the winners, really nice stuff!
    1. EyeKahn's Avatar
      EyeKahn -
      I was very interested to see who won in the different categories but the link to best Sci-fi vehicle/monster shows nothing. Were no brushes awarded for that caetgory?
    1. Wouter's Avatar
      Wouter -
      Congrats to all the winners! I love to see miniature panting/sculpting become art! The top 3 winners defenately made that true! (especially gea) Appart from superb technique, they also put in something of their own. which I think makes much more interesting to watch! I'dd love to see more such miniatures in the future!

      Thank you coolminiornot and all the sponsors for makin it happen, it truly is a great event!
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