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  • Ravage Magazine #3 now available!

    Ravage Issue 3…Off to a Great Start!

    Our third installment of the newly re-imagined Ravage Magazine US is just a hint of what we have in store for the future. Miniature game enthusiasts and hobbyists alike will notice that this issue is different than those before it, with our content moving towards being unique and never-before-seen in print! We have gone to great lengths to pack it full with useful game information and hobby skills from a host of different professionals throughout the industry.

    Each issue of Ravage US gives us the ability to help build a stronger backbone within the miniature game industry. We publish it to give different game publishers and artistry companies a chance to open their minds and share with readers all over the world. This magazine offers information from sources that some readers may not otherwise get the chance to see. This is what Ravage means to the industry as a whole – a common ground where all miniature games, gamers and designers can come together to combine forces for the better of gaming everywhere.

    Ravage US #3 contains several articles that combine to form a beautiful tome of great information. This issue contains interviews with the lead designers of Dark Age, an informative method to rapidly bring miniatures to “tabletop ready” quality, reviews of new games and products headed to stores, the first ever battle report from the new upcoming Wrath of Kings, a review of Forgeworld’s new Monstrous Arcanum, and a sneak peek of some fiction from Sodapop Miniature’s Relic Knights. All of that and more, printed in a full-color, high quality format for the low msrp of $6.99!

    Available now at CMON On-line store.
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    1. miwashi's Avatar
      miwashi -
      WHat game is the cover art for?
    1. Almanro's Avatar
      Almanro -
      Quote Originally Posted by miwashi View Post
      WHat game is the cover art for?
      The Deathbloom from WoK:
    1. Brazen Llama's Avatar
      Brazen Llama -
      This looks really great, but it would be even better as a downloadable pdf, to save on shipping costs.
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