• Barbed wire - Quick and Dirty

    So, here's a way to make quick and dirty barbed wire - say you want to do a lot of barbed wire traps for a table top or something similar.

    You will need -

    1. Scissors
    2. Window Screen (I use fiber glass screening)
    3. Super Glue
    4. Scrap sprue, twigs, or something similar
    5. Pin Vise
    6. Something to use as a base

    Prep - First cut off a small piece of the window screen - I usually cut it in one foot lengths, by about 1 inch wide - (if you don't want to make a whole lot of barbed wire, you can use the rest of it for oh, chain link fence). Then carefully cut the screen along the cross pieces - running along one strait and trying to keep to the middle of the cross wires

    Until you reach the end -

    Set it aside, and start on the poles.

    I used the poles from Tamayia's 1/35 scale barbed wire barrier set - one pole from there will make three poles for barbed wire in scale for 1/56 scale

    You can also use Evergreen I or C channel, or anything that is the right size that you have laying about.

    For the base, I used GW Cav Bases - covering the slots with a scrap piece of sheet styrene, then drilled holes for the poles to go into the base -

    Glue the sticks in place, and let dry. This process is really works really well as an assembly line - fix the bases, drill the holes, glue the sticks and so forth.

    Next step - carefully put some glue on the upright and then wrap the wire you've just made around it - repeat for the other side.

    And you have something that looks like this -

    You may want to base and flock the base before you attach the wires - I just assemble, base, basecoat and paint.

    Hope this helps.
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      Valkrist -
      cool, easy does it
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