• CMON Shop Update: Steampunk Princess Bust back in stock!

    We don't seem to be able to make her fast enough. Our Steampunk Princess Bust has been super popular!

    Steampunk Princess Bust

    Now back in stock!

    Available now at CMON On-line store.
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. cfwheeler58's Avatar
      cfwheeler58 -
      Why can I put her in my wishlist but can't buy her ?
    1. borg's Avatar
      borg -
      Fixed. Try now
    1. cfwheeler58's Avatar
      cfwheeler58 -
      Purchased and delivered quickly...along with a few Ravage editions.
      Really quite a nice little figure. Recommended.
    1. Banshee's Avatar
      Banshee -
      this is very cool and the painting is beautiful
    1. noblez's Avatar
      noblez -
      Really good bust.
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