• Happy New 2013!

    2012 has been a banner year for CoolMiniOrNot, with Ravage, Zombicide, Sedition Wars, Relic Knights and Guilds of Cadwallon! We've moved to a great new 15,000 square foot warehouse and brought in-house a few good men (and women) as we expand our team into the new year.

    It's amazing to me that what started as a little miniature hobby site is now a publisher of great hit games and tons of miniatures. We've got great things planned for 2013, with Wrath of Kings, Confrontation Phoenix and much more on the horizon.

    Thank you for all your support over the years.... we couldn't have done it without you.
    Here's wishing you all a great 2013!
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    1. Grand Funk Rail Gun's Avatar
      Grand Funk Rail Gun -
      No, thank YOU! I am looking forward to a whole new year of CMoN <3
    1. tanis5811's Avatar
      tanis5811 -
      I really like this community. I hope it stays strong for years to come!
    1. Ordo Septenarius's Avatar
      Ordo Septenarius -
      Quote Originally Posted by tanis5811 View Post
      I really like this community. I hope it stays strong for years to come!
      I plan on helping 2013 be a banner year for CMON, since I am sure that there will he a "Release the entire Rackham Confrontation Line in plastics" Kickstarter; it'd make the Reaper Kickstarter look like the "Dice Cards" Kickstarter.
    1. vonjunk's Avatar
      vonjunk -
      CMON has done a wonderful job in 2012 and I'm glad to hear you're growing and healthy. You have run some fantastic kickstarters!

      Any timetable for the Confrontation Phoenix release? Any more details? Am waiting and saving my pennies for just such a day. I do agree, a full out Confrontation with beautiful models could outpace the amazing Reaper KS.
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