• Rivet Wars Gameplay video

    Here's a quick something we threw together to show an entire game, which takes about 45 minutes for this simple scenario. Please note that the card designs used here aren't finished and there's still polishing up to do in general with the art etc, but the game's all there.

    Larger battles work very well too, and can make things very tactically complex... but enough from me, let Kevin and Mike tell you how to play Rivet Wars.

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    1. vonjunk's Avatar
      vonjunk -
      Fun game design. I wish you guys had the models painted up. They look nice, but with some pro-painting could be so awesome!
      Thanks for sharing and best of luck on your Kickstarter!
    1. Kelmor's Avatar
      Kelmor -
      We have found that with board games, its important to show the product as close to as it will show up in the box.

      Which is just one more way "board-gamers" and "miniatures-gamers" are different
    1. Ordo Septenarius's Avatar
      Ordo Septenarius -
      Can we get to the Rackham Confrontation Re-release Kickstarter already?
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