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  • Ravage USA physical subscriptions now open!

    Head over to, and login with your CoolMiniOrNot username and password if you'd like to subscribe to the magazine.

    Ravage is an independent miniatures magazine that covers all aspects of the miniatures hobby. Issue #8 has over 80 pages of goodness, so head on over and check it out!

    Single issues are as usual available in the store, but an annual subscription will get you a great discount and free shipping in the USA, and reduced shipping elsewhere!
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    1. Acidblade's Avatar
      Acidblade -
      I already bought 4-6 via web site. Is their a way to start the 6 issue subscription on issue 7? Site only lets me select to start with issue 4. which mean i would be paying for 4-6 again.
    1. apollox76's Avatar
      apollox76 -
      are there any plans to allow subscriptions to start with issue 7 or 8?
    1. contractor675's Avatar
      contractor675 -
      I am having trouble purchasing the subscription starting at issue #5. Every time I try the system tells me that can not process my card. any suggestions?
    1. jkadisak's Avatar
      jkadisak -
      How long should it take for a new subscription to be sent? I subscribed a little over three weeks ago at website, but my order status still shows as "packing". I subscribed starting with issue number 4 so that I could get some past issues. I am wondering if this delay is normal or if it is stuck in process.

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