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    My name is Jonas Faering – one of the owners of The Army Painter. As the name hints we are all about getting your armies painted quickly and on the battlefield gaming. In this step-by-step article I’ll demonstrate how to paint a Terrorizer from Hitech Miniatures to a good tournament gaming standard, spending a little over 1 hour of painting time on the model.

    Since I'm surrounded by the stuff, I used only Army Painter Wargamer Brushes and Warpaints – including the new coloured Quickshade Inks and the Colour Primer Gun Metal which are to be released autumn 2013. A little inside teaser, if you like…

    Tools of the trade:
    Precision Hobby Knife
    Colour Primer: Gun Metal (out autumn 2013)
    WP: Tanned Flesh
    WP: Weapon Bronze
    WP: Quickshade Dark Tone Ink
    WP: Quickshade Soft Tone Ink
    WP: Quickshade Red Tone Ink (out autumn 2013)
    WP: Plate Mail Metal
    WP: Shining Silver
    WP: Barbarian Flesh
    WP: Matt White
    WP: Uniform Grey
    WP: Ash Grey
    WP: Pure Red
    WP: Lava Orange
    WP: Goblin Green
    WP: Electric Blue
    WP: Quickshade Green Tone Ink (out autumn 2013)
    WP: Quickshade Purple Tone Ink (out autumn 2013)
    Battlefields: Black Battleground
    Battlefields XP: Swamp Tufts
    Battlefields XP: Wilderness Tufts
    Wargamer: Regiment Brush
    Wargamer: Character Brush
    Wargamer: Detail Brush
    Wargamer: Insane Detail Brush

    Step 1: Preparation
    After cleaning the resin bits using my Precision Hobby Knife I glued the parts using Superglue. The resin cast from Hitech Miniatures was nice and crisp and needed little extra preparation. Next I washed the resin mini in soapy water to remove the release oily agent used in the casting process. The bath ensures your Colour Primer spray sticks to miniature.

    Step 2: Resin
    Leave to dry (or use a hair dryer).

    Step 3: Spray primer
    I primed the model using the Colour Primer: Gun Metal, a dark metal undercoat perfect for my Terrorizer – who will be part of my 40K Chaos Iron Warrior Obliterator squad. The Colour Primer is a combined primer and acrylic colour spray in one, meaning you only have to give the model one coat. Follow the guidelines on the spray closely.

    Step 4: Flesh basecoat
    Once the Colour Primer had dried, I basecoated the fleshy areas with WP: Tanned Flesh. At this stage I only use a Wargamer: Regiment brush (roughly equivalent to a size 1 or 2 brush). By sticking to a fairly large brush, you’ll speed up your painting no end.

    Step 5: Gold basecoat
    The rims of the armour and some of the tubes were painted WP: Weapon Bronze, still using the Regiment brush. The trick is to paint with a combination of speed and precision –you want the Gun Metal primer to be left as it is, saving precious painting time.

    Step 6: Basecoat cloth
    The loincloth was painted WP: Matt Black.

    Step 7: Detail basecoated
    The last bit of details were painted using the smaller Wargamer: Character Brush. WP: Dragon Red for the laser, WP: Daemonic Yellow and WP: Matt Black for the industrial stripes – that simply needs to go on any Iron Warrior miniature, WP: Greenskin and WP: Ultramarine Blue for the wires. Any mistakes made in the basecoat stages were touched up using the WP: Gun Metal paint, which is 100% match to the Colour Primer spray.

    Step 8 & 9: Quickshade Ink wash
    All bar the flesh areas, was painted in a 50/50 mixture of WP: Quickshade Dark Tone Ink and WP: Quickshade Soft Tone Ink. By mixing Soft Tone Ink in the black Dark Tone Ink I made the wash slightly more transparent without weakening the ink by thinning it with water. To any readers unfamiliar with The Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Dark Tone Ink, it is very similar to GW Badab Black; a strong black ink. I applied my Quickshade Ink mix using my trusted Regiment brush once more.

    Step 10: Red Quickshade Ink flesh wash
    The flesh was given a wash with WP: Quickshade Red Tone Ink; a dark reddish tone – darker than your every day typical red ink, designed to give a solid shade with one coat. Please note, the WP: Quickshade Red Tone Ink is not available until autumn 2013.

    Step 11: Metal highlight 1
    The Metal was highlighted first with WP: Plate Mail Metal…

    Step 12: Metal highlight 2
    … and then with WP: Shining Silver. Even for these fine highlights I used a fairly large brush – the Wargamer: Character brush. Large brushes = fast painting.

    Step 13: Flesh highlights 1
    I highlighted the flesh using WP: Barbarian Flesh, still using a Wargamer: Character brush.

    Step 14: Flesh highlight 2
    The second highlight on the flesh was painted with a 50/50 mix of WP: Barbarian Flesh and WP: Matt White. This time I used the Wargamer: Detail Brush to keep the lines fine and neat.

    Step 15: Black highlights
    The cloth was highlighted first with WP: Uniform Grey, followed by a thin line of WP: Ash Grey.

    Step 16: Details
    I painted the laser like a gem stone using WP: Pure Red and WP: Lava Orange, the wires were highlighted using WP: Goblin Green and WP: Electric Blue using Wargamer: Insane Detail brush.

    Step 17: Black base and ready for gaming
    The base was painted black and the model is almost ready for the battlefield.

    Step 18: Extra Quickshade Ink Tones
    To add a few extra effects I experimented with the new Warpaints Quickshade Ink Tones; WP: Quickshade Green Tone Ink on the Bronze and a little WP: Quickshade Purple Tone Ink in the deepest crevasses on the flesh. I finished of with a bit of WP: Quickshade Strong Tone Ink adding a little extra depth to some areas of the metal armour.

    Step 19: The base
    The base was done using Battlefields: Black Battleground (which is basically pre-coloured sand, ready for drybrushing), highlighted with WP: Monster Brown and WP: Skeleton Bone. And lastly I glued in some Battlefields XP: Swamp and Wilderness Tufts.

    So - there you have it. A decent looking tournament gaming miniature, painted quickly using Colour Primer spray and acrylic Quickshade Inks.
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    1. freightdog5126's Avatar
      freightdog5126 -
      Nice! In regards to Army painter products. I'm a fan of the brushes. I love the shape of the handle in particular and the detail brushes are really nice to use. So far have only used 2 of the shading mediums and love the results. Thanks for adding to the hobby with nice products and with posts like above. Cheers.
    1. Beastben's Avatar
      Beastben -
      Nice tutorial thoses new coloured washes look very intresting can't wait to try them out

      Golem Painting Studio
    1. drewston's Avatar
      drewston -
      Love it: I can't wait to try out the coloured inks!
    1. TNRook's Avatar
      TNRook -
      Great job, looks fantastic
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