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    With less than one week until Gen Con Indy, CMON and all of our publishing partners are preparing to make this the biggest, baddest, and best Gen Con ever for our fans! If you're looking pick up the coolest stuff available at Gen Con next weekend, then you have to stop by the CoolMiniOrNot Mega booth, Booth #1627! Check out these limited releases by Soda Pop Miniatures.

    Grab a Gen Con coupon book to score a Nyan Nyan hero figure absolutely free with the purchase of the Super Dungeon Explore base game (while supplies last!).

    and be the first to own the cool, new Relic Knights Candy and Cola figures! (while supplies last!)

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    1. MAXXxxx's Avatar
      MAXXxxx -
      I hope there will be a possibility to buy them from the CMON shop during gencon. As someone living too far away to attend, that's my only possibility to get them without ebay-shark priceups.

      And if it's just early release (until now I thought it will be a gencon exclusive), that's ok, as long as they'll be available to the general public and it'll be possible to buy.
    1. aster0th's Avatar
      aster0th -
      The scariest thing is there is ALREADY a Nyan Nyan being auctioned on ebay now.

      Since I live in Australia the odds of ever getting one of these for my SDE set is virtually nil... unless I buy one from a shark on ebay.. sad days..

      or SodaPop end up selling some on their site which will be great.
    1. Bloodhowl's Avatar
      Bloodhowl -
      Didn't SPM put up the LE Candy and Cola for sale on their online store (think it was also offered on CMON store) eventually? Here's hoping they do the same for this one!
    1. Bloodhowl's Avatar
      Bloodhowl -
      From SPM Facebook page:

      Soda Pop Miniatures

      15 hours ago

      If you are at ‪#‎GenCon‬ and missed out on Nyan Nyan, we have a big shipment coming in tomorrow afternoon! Don't worry for those at home, Nyan Nyan will be available online after the show!

      WOO HOO!!
    1. archimbald's Avatar
      archimbald -
      dont overly care for Nyan Nyan personally, only the candy and cola fig
      not that its not nice though
    1. markallanreynolds's Avatar
      markallanreynolds -
      I was at GenCon on Thursday and I didn't see this game anywhere??? Guess it was on the same truck as Zombicide Season 2??? AAAAIIIEEE!!!! I'm tired of missing out on freebies!!!!!!
    1. slaaneshgod's Avatar
      slaaneshgod -
      Can't wait to purchase this for the family
    1. aster0th's Avatar
      aster0th -
      Well that is very good to know I was afraid my SDE would be incomplete. Good to know I will be able to get Nyan Nyan at a later date. Thanks!!

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