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  • CMON Gen Con News part 3!

    Just as we were loading up the trucks to head up to Gen Con, 2 big boxes arrived from our friends at Kingdom Death! So we will have very limited amount of Kingdom Death products on hand at Gen Con Indy. If you want to get your hands on these limited Kingdom Death minis, make sure you stop by the CoolMiniOrNot Mega booth, Booth #1627, as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

    We will have:

    50 KD013 Female Survivor
    50 KD028 Illuminated Lady
    50 KDP005 Pinup Great Game Hunter
    50 KDP007 Pinup Survivor
    50 KDP003 Pinup White Speaker
    25 KDP006 Pinup Savior
    25 KD039 Twilight Knight - Relic Knight
    25 KD038 Twilight Knight - Order Knight
    25 KD040 Twilight Knight - Deserter
    25 KDB001 Experiment of Death
    25 KDP002 Pinup Preacher
    50 KD001 White Speaker
    25 KD056 The Chosen

    Available on a first come first serve basis, while supplies last!
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    1. VeristicalBlaze's Avatar
      VeristicalBlaze -
      To be honest that's quite the bummer, couldn't it arrive 2 days later. :P People who don't go to GenCon now can't get them :/ I really want that Illuminated Lady for quite a while now...
    1. Derca's Avatar
      Derca -
      Yeah same here, can't get to Gencon so no KD goodies for me
    1. Alek's Avatar
      Alek -
      So I'm the next one who is not content ...

      I have a question - what about us - loyal customers of your online store?

      Three weeks ago, I could buy these models in Kingdom Death shop but because I wanted also a couple of models from your store, I thought - why to pay the shipping costs twice?

      And so, since three weeks, I start my day with the Coolminiornot webpage to be sure that I will receive the Kingdom Death minis.

      And now such information ... :-/

      Please tell me who is more important for you? Are you webshop or GenCon shop?
    1. UltraSapien's Avatar
      UltraSapien -
      Will these models be available on the webstore, or should we just forget about them?
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