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  • CMON Shop Update: Easy Resin!

    First, there was Instant Mold, and then Instant Putty. We now have Easy Resin!!!

    From aspiring sculptors and molders to hobbyists looking for an easy way to repair broken pieces, Easy Resin covers a variety of needs with ease. Use Easy Resin to mold your own bases or sculpts, or to duplicate your own work, from small tasks to big jobs Easy Resin is becoming the new go to solution for people looking to make casts.

    Easy Resin is a two part epoxy that combines in the nozzle as you push on the plunger. Fast to dry and quick to set, Easy Resin doesn't keep you waiting for hours or require any extra work to harden. The convenient length and size of the nozzle allows you to fill any size mold and works perfectly with other molding products such as Instant Mold. Easy Resin is the easiest way to make your sculpts and molds a reality. We also offer extra nozzles if needed.

    Get Easy Resin today. Available now in CMON On-line store and your favorite local stockist!
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    1. atacam's Avatar
      atacam -
      Resin looks like great stuff, Will get some of this and give it a try. but lol, that was such a typical infomercial.
    1. Chrispy's Avatar
      Chrispy -
      About how much Easy Resin is in the syringe? I checked the shop description, but I didn't see amount.
    1. euansmith's Avatar
      euansmith -
      Kudos to the presenter, great delivery and some pretty good looking product.
    1. Wyrmypops's Avatar
      Wyrmypops -
      Product sounds interesting, but was that advert a parody of the shopping channels that didn't go far enough with the funny, or a peculiarly styled advert for the hobby?
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