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  • CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition!


    CoolMiniOrNot is proud to present the world's first Rivet Wars Painting Competition! Rivet Wars earned a great following during it's very successful kickstarter campaign! This was in no small part due to the game's beautifully designed and unique miniatures. Now we're asking Riveteers from around the globe to slap some primer on their troops and put some color on their army!

    This painting competition starts immediately. The submission period for entering models will last until 30 April 2014. Models submitted must meet the following guidelines:
    - You can submit anything from one single miniature, a tank, vehicle, a diorama with multiple figures or a full blown army from the Rivet Wars range.
    - A person may submit as many entries as they wish.

    Pictures of the finished model/miniature must be submitted No Later Than 30 April 2014 Eastern Standard Time.

    All entries must be uploaded to CMON, no external links. Please follow the following directions:
    1. Set up an account on
    2. then go to
    3. category - Steampunk
    4. Manufacturer - Rivet Wars
    5. Name of Mini - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    6. Competition - CMON Contest 27 - Rivet Wars Painting Competition!
    7. Comments - You can talk a little bit about your piece.

    Anyone who receives a 7.0 or higher at the end of voting period will receive a limited edition Rivet Wars Treasure Hunter to add to their arsenal!


    In addition, Ted himself will be picking his favorite army from all the submitted entries and invite the person to come down and spend the CMON Expo weekend as his special guest!
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