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    Hi folks.
    Here we go with part 2 of my tutorial.
    Took me a while to organize all of my pictures, but I’m finally ready to show you all the naked truth about my sculpt!

    The more, the merrier
    In the pictures here below, you can see the result of two more sessions dedicated to overall improvement of details.
    Some minor additions, some major changes.

    I actually worked on the missing armor trimmings, plus the skull-buckle at his waist and a little enlargement of feet. Major changes are basically related to the fact that I’m getting lazy! Therefore, I decided not to sculpt from scratch head and forearms; the Blood Angel face is very similar to that of the original artwork I took as reference, so I simply decided to make some small changes and keep it for my model. Namely, I put a small blob of GS on top of it and added a few creases to replicate hair. GW policies in terms of details are rather weird: all of the models included into Blood Angel’s Sanguinary Guard box are extremely detailed, but this specific head lacks hair! Yes, you got it right: if you check previous pictures, you will notice there are some curls on his forehead but the top of the head is completely flat!! No hair to be seen. Curious…
    Anyway, after adding a wig to my Space Marine, I decided to use a few leftovers from my GW Chaos Raptors box. I selected a very menacing chainsword (I love it!) and a plasma gun. I then cut away part of the previously sculpted forearms to lodge the additional plastic bits. I also removed the extra wire sticking into the base because I wouldn’t need it any longer.

    Alive! It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!
    Now, here below you can see pictures of the entire model. At this stage it was 99% complete, at least as far as his body was concerned.

    I added three small plastic rods cut to size to replicate the tubes/cables of chestplate, and covered the top end with and additional piece of armor plate (made of GS). I also attached second arm and sculpted in GS the two knee-pads. Nothing too elaborate as you can see, I wanted to keep a rather “rough” look to them (no skulls, demon heads or other exotic stuff), I only included three beads to represent rivets/studs. In my imagination this guy is some sort of aspiring champion, therefore still not entitled to wear ornate gear.

    Stay in my backpack forever/You know I gotta find my spaceship

    Still not sure why I decided to sculpt the backpack in GS…
    I must confess I’m not 100% satisfied with it, and following picture makes it even worse…

    Anyway, I placed a large blob of GS on a flat surface, roughly worked it to match a rectangular shape and then I started the process of making it resemble a SM backpack. Afterwards, I added the top cover and made “holes” using a ball burnisher lubricated with a bit of mineral oil. I also included a small skull encased into a round frame (same approach here, I placed a blob of GS and then used the back of a brush to carve a round inset in the middle). At this stage, I only needed to add the lateral “wings” so typical of CSM… problem is I don’t really fancy them!! Therefore, I decided to go for a more compact design and selected a couple of plastic heads from GW “pimp my Chaos Rhino” box set. You will see them in the next picture

    Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skulls Throne!
    And finally here you can see the finished mini (almost) ready to be painted and added to my showcase!

    A few missing details which I may include later:
    - Some chains to give it an ever more chaotic look
    - Maybe a couple of plastic trophy racks on top of the backpack for that “stay out of my way” look
    - Some minor cracks that I will need to fill in with GS
    That’s all folks!
    Hope you have liked my short article and the final result of my work.

    Feel free to ask anything if interested into the “making of”.

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