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  • Webstore closed for maintenance until April 12th

    As we settle into our new premises and organize, we need a bit of time so the web store will be closed until April 12th (Wednesday). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Edit: Store will be reopened today! Thanks for waiting.
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    1. Lhey's Avatar
      Lhey -

      what about orders you received before today?

      Thanks in advance
    1. CMON_Brandy's Avatar
      CMON_Brandy -
      We are currently working on getting all the orders shipped out as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.
    1. drakonianheart's Avatar
      drakonianheart -
      That include Legion Orders?
    1. Aerlith Kinspirit's Avatar
      Aerlith Kinspirit -
      I hope as part of the maintenance that you go thru the online listings and remove any "Out of Stock" items that will not be restocked. Going thru the 40% clearance items, there are several pages where only one or two of the items are actually in stock, the rest of the page is out of stock.
    1. CMON_Brandy's Avatar
      CMON_Brandy -
      Quote Originally Posted by drakonianheart View Post
      That include Legion Orders?
      Yes that does include the legion orders.
    1. drakonianheart's Avatar
      drakonianheart -
      Still close?! What about orders?
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