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  • Rising Sun & New Wrath of Kings Releases Now Available

    As March comes to an end, it's a new beginning in Japan. The Kami have decided a new Clan shall be in charge, but only one that proves itself worthy of such a task. The Rising Sun core game, as well as several expansions are available now. Along with that, we have six new Wrath of Kings box sets you can pick up now.

    We start out with the Rising Sun core box:

    Next, the Kami take a more direct role in the affairs of men in Kami Unbound:

    Then, two more clans try to prove they have what it takes to rule Japan in Dynasty Invasion:

    Finally, even more mythical creatures can join your Clan in the Monster Pack:

    Next, we get into the Wrath of Kings releases. Starting out, for House Goritsi, we have the Whitemane Duelists:

    As well as the Gotha Knights:

    Meanwhile, House Nasier is now able to field the Firehawk Reavers:

    And the Izari Warhounds:

    And wrapping things up, House Shael Han gets the Dragon Lancers:

    And the Paragons of Wrath:

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