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  • Don Perrin Joins Black Orc Games

    Don Perrin Joins Black Orc Games

    Helenville, WI, 7 July 2003. Black Orc Games is pleased to announce that Don Perrin has joined its ranks today. Don is well known in the fantasy games industry as a Dragonlance novelist and past-President of Sovereign Press, the makers of the Sovereign Stone and Dragonlance d20 Role Playing Games. For many years, he also ran Noble Fine Scale Miniatures and Perrin Miniatures, both purveyors of excellent historical miniatures. Don joins Black Orc Games as their Sales Manager.

    "I'm extremely excited to join a growing team of exciting people!" said Don. "Black Orc Games is only a year old and already viewed as an industry leader. This company is going places, and I want to be a part of that! That, and did you see all the cool minis here?"

    Black Orc Games produces the Hundred Kingdoms mass combat fantasy miniatures game and Warband skirmish fantasy miniatures game. Both use the Black Orc Games line of exquisite industry-leading 28mm fantasy figures. Visit Black Orc Games at
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