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    We have more new releases for you this month, in the form of one 60mm and six 40mm gaming bases for our 'Alien Temple' range.

    The new 40mm sets start at just £2.00 each and our new 60mm base is only £3.00. All are available here

    We have also released the first of our 'Battlegroup Bundles' this month.

    You get 28 bases in total: 20 x 25mm, 6 x 40mm, and 2 x 60mm bases for the great price of £21.60. That's a 10% saving, making it even cheaper to base your army!

    Everything is in stock right NOW and orders will start shipping first thing Monday morning (14th March). So get your orders in early to be at the front of the queue.

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      supervike -
      Really like these!
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