• Armorcast September Releases

    •BYTE004 5 Assualt Rifles (10 pieces) $5.99
    •BYTE003 (2) GothTech Mechanical Claw $4.99
    •BYTE002 GothTech Dragon Jump Pack $3.99
    •ACID004 Wooden Chair (5 pcs) $4.99
    •ACID003 2 Round Table w/ Food $4.99
    •ACID002 Trophy Heads $11.99
    •ACID001 Fireplace Set $17.49
    •LLBC00100 Sabertooth Tiger $6.99
    •LL(00704) Ogre Shamaness $11.99
    •LL(00703) Giant Crabman $14.99
    •ACCS021 Roof Top Water Tower (6pcs) $12.00
    •ACST003 Scrap Tech Dud Missile $12.00
    •ACVW0029 Hardened Missile Silo (3pc) $12.00

    SpineSpur Miniatures - 20% off all instock Spinespur miniatures from Comfy Chair Games.
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    How to make a cheap yet effective spray booth.

    Hello everyone. I'm here to show you how to make a nice spray booth for airbrushing. I took what I learned from watching different videos and came up with what worked best for me. After collecting all the items, the job of putting everything together actually only took me about 30 minutes. Below is the list of items you will need.

    1.) Plastic storage tub $6-$10 (Mine was free because I found it in the garage).
    2.) Ventilation fan $18
    3.) Air... read more
    gunrunr 04-07-2017, 07:00 PM

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