• Armorcast September Releases

    •BYTE004 5 Assualt Rifles (10 pieces) $5.99
    •BYTE003 (2) GothTech Mechanical Claw $4.99
    •BYTE002 GothTech Dragon Jump Pack $3.99
    •ACID004 Wooden Chair (5 pcs) $4.99
    •ACID003 2 Round Table w/ Food $4.99
    •ACID002 Trophy Heads $11.99
    •ACID001 Fireplace Set $17.49
    •LLBC00100 Sabertooth Tiger $6.99
    •LL(00704) Ogre Shamaness $11.99
    •LL(00703) Giant Crabman $14.99
    •ACCS021 Roof Top Water Tower (6pcs) $12.00
    •ACST003 Scrap Tech Dud Missile $12.00
    •ACVW0029 Hardened Missile Silo (3pc) $12.00

    SpineSpur Miniatures - 20% off all instock Spinespur miniatures from Comfy Chair Games.
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    The Ice Palette

    Hello folks! I would like to share with you a way of building a simple yet effective palette I invented/discovered this summer, in order to make paint last longer and save valuable time and money when it's really hot.

    Note1: This was created specifically to deal with HEAT (more than 80F / 26C) and LOW AIR MOISTURE. As of today, march 13, it's the end of the summer and it's still... read more
    Kito 03-13-2015, 08:00 PM

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