• Armorcast September Releases

    •BYTE004 5 Assualt Rifles (10 pieces) $5.99
    •BYTE003 (2) GothTech Mechanical Claw $4.99
    •BYTE002 GothTech Dragon Jump Pack $3.99
    •ACID004 Wooden Chair (5 pcs) $4.99
    •ACID003 2 Round Table w/ Food $4.99
    •ACID002 Trophy Heads $11.99
    •ACID001 Fireplace Set $17.49
    •LLBC00100 Sabertooth Tiger $6.99
    •LL(00704) Ogre Shamaness $11.99
    •LL(00703) Giant Crabman $14.99
    •ACCS021 Roof Top Water Tower (6pcs) $12.00
    •ACST003 Scrap Tech Dud Missile $12.00
    •ACVW0029 Hardened Missile Silo (3pc) $12.00

    SpineSpur Miniatures - 20% off all instock Spinespur miniatures from Comfy Chair Games.
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    The Ice Palette

    Hello folks! I would like to share with you a way of building a simple yet effective palette I invented/discovered this summer, in order to make paint last longer and save valuable time and money when it's really hot.

    Note1: This was created specifically to deal with HEAT (more than 80F / 26C) and LOW AIR MOISTURE. As of today, march 13, it's the end of the summer and it's still... read more
    Kito 03-13-2015, 08:00 PM


    I was fortunate to attend the show held May 9-10 at the Valley Forge Convention Center and Casino. I had been 30+ years... read more
    thop3 05-11-2014, 08:00 PM

    Khorne to the bone

    Hi all!
    Here follows a very quick tutorial about my latest creation: a Chaos Space Marine in so called art scale (or true scale). For those of you out there not really familiar with the term, art (or true) scale actually means that all body proportions are strictly ruled by scale (i.e. if something is half a meter long in real life, with a 1:10 scale it will be something... read more
    Abaddon76 04-02-2014, 08:00 PM

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