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  • How to paint with dry pigments - tutorial

    So you think you've seen it all? Tried it all? Done it all?
    And I only mean painting miniatures...

    If you think there are no techniques you haven't tried yet, you should check this article:
    Our forum member Kathryn explains how to paint with dry pigments. This technique may be nothing new to some of you, but I bet many of you haven't tried it yet. And is there any good reason not to try it?


    Follow the link to the tutorial, and if you want more miniature painting tutorials, why don't you visit Chest of Colors
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    1. Mallows's Avatar
      Mallows -
      Oh cool, never knew they used dry pigments for painting
    1. misterjustin's Avatar
      misterjustin -
      Very cool - I use my dry pigments for painting on a regular basis but haven't had time to post a tutorial.
    1. me_in_japan's Avatar
      me_in_japan -
      aaaah, so thats where kathryn's been recently. I was starting to get worried...

      Lovely tutorial. That's a big box o pigments added to my "things to buy" list...
    1. thetang22's Avatar
      thetang22 -
      Anybody who's ever owned GW paints has eventually used "dry" pigments, if you know what I'm saying
    1. Mahon's Avatar
      Mahon -
      Thanks, guys Glad you like it.And I know what you mean, thetang22 ^^
    1. kathrynloch's Avatar
      kathrynloch -
      Thanks everyone and thanks Mahon for posting it. The article formatting is absolutely lovely. You did a fantastic job!
    1. Ruleslawyer01's Avatar
      Ruleslawyer01 -
      Fantastic I was just about to try this method
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