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  • CMON Shop Update: New bases from Secret Weapon!

    2 new sets of round lipped bases from Secret Weapon in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm!

    Round Lip Bases: 30mm Blasted Wetlands Bases (10)

    Round Lip Bases: 40mm Urban Rubble Bases (5)

    and Dragon Skull (1)
    Terrain: Dragon Skull (1)

    Make sure you check out their extensive and affordable range of weathering powders and inks!

    All available now at CMON On-line store.

    For trade inquiries, please contact
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    1. misterjustin's Avatar
      misterjustin -
      Thanks for the bump! It's worth noting that the round lip "Blasted Wetlands" are another of the Secret Weapon themed hollow bases -- so you can add the water effect of your choice and put your model literally ankle deep in swamp. Or, as CMON Travis suggested to me, use this with a Warmachine: Khador force and add snow instead of water. My own Khador army will be sitting on "Blasted Wetlands" bases modeled to look like a charred, blasted forest with hints of snow.
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