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    Hi Everybody on CMON,

    I was manipulating some Putty and by letting it dry I found a quite cool process to make different basing ground.
    So here my quick tutorial about my findings.

    You need to have some Putty, I personally use Italeri Putty, some baking paper (the same you use for your DIY wet palette), some enamel/ABS glue solvent, I use Tamiya Airbrush cleaner.

    Then put some Putty on your baking paper, add some of the solvent to make it liquid, use a tool to spread it in a really thin layer over the paper.

    Then wait for the putty to completely dry, when dry it will start to crack, take a blade to remove the layer of Putty from the baking paper.

    Brake the thin layer with your fingers in small pieces, up to you to break it in bigger or smaller pieces according to the effects you want to achieve.

    Here you are with a small amount of chipped Putty, glue it with your PVA Glue to your base, wait to dry, base it with any color (in my case it white), then add any colors you want, you can also dry brush it for a different ground effect. In the picture below I have washed it with Devlan Mud to make a Ashes ground effect.

    I think that you can find many different effects, by changing the size of the chips and the colors you apply on them. I like the effect it creates and it is really easy to achieve, it is something different than the normal sand/static grass ground.

    Hope you like it! Thank you for reading
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    1. aelance's Avatar
      aelance -
      I like the effect, very cool indeed.

      One question though, is it solid enough that this technique can be used for miniature bases without pinning? I tend to just superglue the feet of my minis to the base.
    1. boubi's Avatar
      boubi -
      Maybe better pin it though. I have used it without pinning the mini but it was a rather small and light mini and painted for display, so not so much manipulation, low risk.
      In a way after few layers of paint, base + washes, it is quite solid, on top of the PVA glue.
    1. aelance's Avatar
      aelance -
      Gonna try this out for my next mini!
    1. BJCMiniStudio's Avatar
      BJCMiniStudio -
      Interesting little discovery you've found. Much easier than the "thin layers of sculpy" that creates a similar affect. Like it. My have to try this and see if the bases are sturdy enough for mold casting.
    1. Ooyo's Avatar
      Ooyo -
      Good tips y try this one for my tyranid army ......maybe the mycetics spores

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