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    by Published on 03-04-2005 10:36 PM  Number of Views: 87800 
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    Hello fellow modellers... I did this because I know many of you would like to know how to do such work with GS... Well here goes...
    Note that this isn't the definitive way on how to sculpt these robes; this is just how I do it...

    In order to better understand the tutorial, here's a legend:

    # --> caption for picture of the same # picture above

    * --> tips

    1. The tools I used:
    sculpting tool of some sort (actually, I don't know what that is, I just use it to
    sculpt) - main tool with which I sculpt... It's the red and white one
    x-acto knife or hobby knife - to cut straight edges
    petroleum jelly - lubricant... Its the shiny stuff
    GS of course - no explanation needed

    * remember to keep your fingers and tools wet with petroleum jelly throughout the whole process...

    2. The complete model to be robed and a small ...
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