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    by Published on 07-05-2008 12:01 AM  Number of Views: 46538 

       Once there were four blind fellows who came upon an elephant. The first fellow felt the leg and declared - "an elephant is like the trunk of a tree". The second, grasping the trunk said - "why it's not like a tree at all. It's like a great snake". The third, feeling the elephant's stomach said - "you're both wrong, an elephant is like a great curved wall". The last fellow, holding the elephant's tail, somewhat confused by his friends descriptions said - "I'm a bit lost by you fellow's descriptions when an elephant ...


    by Published on 02-21-2005 04:50 AM  Number of Views: 40236 

    OSL........allright. Here we go. I'm going to try to keep this simple by breaking it up into sequential blocks. I'm going to go from start to finish, simple to complex.Hopefully it will be such that you can stop wherever you want and still have something nice. Some of this can be a little confusing. Be patient, this isnt the easyest thing to learn depending on how far you want to go. This is a subject that has literally endless variations possible. Some of these things are like riding a bike I can tell you and show what to do, but there is some that you simply will have to learn from doing. I dont say these things to be discouraging but to be realistic with you. What I will tell-show you, take it and play with it, see what happens, go with that seemingly wierd idea that occurs to you. Trial and error (or sucess!) can lead you to some fantastic things. If you are new to OSL start with a really simple mini.
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