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    by Published on 03-07-2005 11:07 PM  Number of Views: 46038 

    Disclaimer: this is quite a specialized article and likely will only apply to a small percentage of readers - namely, those who work in a biology or chemistry laboratory. In fact, I only know a few other painters who have access to all these goodies. But I suspect many more of us work in places where handy and unique items, which can be repurposed towards our painting, are available. So the alternate title for this article is:

    Now that we've established our moral basis, let's get to the useful part of the article. YOUR WORKPLACE MAY CONTAIN SMALL, SPECIALIZED ITEMS AND TOOLS WHICH COULD BE HANDY ON YOUR MINIATURE PAINTING TABLE AT HOME. Many of these items are quite valuable - small power tools and so forth. DO NOT TAKE THESE. Getting fired for actual theft will cut into your miniature buying budget and make people very unhappy with you. We want the cheap, disposable and consumable items that you can't get anywhere else, but which are thrown away every day at your job.

    I work in a molecular biology laboratory. In a nutshell, we ...
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