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    by Published on 10-17-2006 07:22 PM  Number of Views: 30882 

    This article first appeared on the Fire of Nocturne.

    A tutorial on making Lava Bases for our favorite snot green marines!

    Written by Incendium.

    Okay, this is how I do the lava bases I use for my Salamander army.

    Foamcore board (Mine has a white card surface with a foamy but formidable inside and black paper backing.
    by Published on 10-17-2006 03:03 PM  Number of Views: 58072 
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    Originally Appeared on The Fire of Nocturne.

    This is my first tutorial on sculpting (and a bit on painting) ever. Don't know if its good or not and I can only hope that it will turn out to be helpful for some people reading it.
    As it was also my first "serious" attempt with a digital camera some pictures are of a very poor quality.
    I'm sorry about that but as a photographing-rookie I made my best to make sure at least the majority of pictures were of enough quality that they would make this tutorial understandable.

    If you have questions, critique or new ideas go ahead and post them. Maybe if there is a popular demand about sculpting and/or painting something in particular I might consider doing it and adding to the tutorial. That is if I am capable of doing just that.


    These were the tools used. A pocket knife and a scalpel.
    The greenstuff itself can be made to have different properties. If you mix in more yellow you'll get a sticky, hard to work stuff that is perfect for really tiny detail. Another downside is that it will also take ...
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