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    by Published on 04-07-2011 10:44 AM
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    The Start
    I wrote this to post on my favourite forums.
    While I was working on the large Sphere Wars resin demon, there was good feedback and lots of questions on how to merge the various colours I had used across the skin, so while working on the left leg I decided to take a series of step by step pictures of the same area from the same angle and in the same lighting conditions, in order to cover the blending of the different colours across the skin.
    Do ask if you have any additional questions, I appreciate the detail in the later part is a bit light, but time was limited.

    The whole work in progress thread can be seen on The Basement, starting at the end of page 40. There is a short break on page 42.

    The first picture is of the main body before starting work. I had originally used an airbrush to give it ...
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    Making a Display Base

    I first did this step by step article as a forum post, I'd done a few other
    base step by step projects and thought it would be a good idea to do the whole
    display base concept, from building up the plinth all the way through to paints
    and powders. The plinth used is about 5 cm across so plenty for space, and I'm
    going to try build a cliff face, then put a bridge on top and have some water
    underneath it, the idea being that the figure is charging across the bridge.
    you won't get to see the figure itself though as I did this project as a
    present and kept the figure out of the pictures for the surprise value.

    If you want to look the original post can be found here:
    Original display base

    And my other base articles
    Tech base post
    Marble base post
    Step 1: Planning

    First up is to get some basic sketches of the idea down. I tend to do this with
    all my bases to some extent, and I have a pretty good idea of what I want as I
    had a 5 hour drive home the other day with little else to think about apart
    from avoiding the rest of the traffic. The initial sketches get me a feeling
    for the sort of height I'm going to have, enough to fit some sort of support
    work under the bridge, but not too tall, it is only going to be a 35mil figure.
    So after a couple of initial sketches I spend a bit more care getting the
    details down on my little blue note paper. Nice to keep notes on the stuff to
    look back on later. These are done to the actual size, the top view sketched
    onto an outline drawn around the plinth, and red marks added for possible
    placement of the figures feet.

    The Backing

    One of the most important parts is to get smooth sides to the base, and one of
    the best things I have found for this is thin plastic sheet. It's quite easy to
    get hold of as lots of products come in plastic packaging these days. This time
    I used part of a tube from some Italian chocolates a friend had bought to work,
    so ...
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