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    by Published on 10-28-2011 03:07 PM
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    A box workstation for painting: design process and bodging carpentry

    This is an article about what I did, in the hope that some of it may be useful to you, but it's not an article meant to tell you what to do. It's meant as an encouragement for you to think logically about problem solving, and to think sensibly through a project to end up with something that serves your needs well, but has not cost you a fortune in money or time. The aim is to get the job done, and then get back to your painting and gaming. The project here is to build a box for paints and equipment, but most of its principles will be equally applicable to any other project in wood, such as gaming tables and scenery.

    Throughout the article I'll use the format of picture first, followed ...
    by Published on 09-07-2007 03:37 AM  Number of Views: 31636 

    This article does not fall easily into any of the categories.  It’s a little bit of modification and a little bit of scenario building.  Blend together for a little pisky magic.  This isn’t a “How to do it,” it’s a “How I did it”.  I’ll also attempt to record my thought processes, including ideas I rejected.  I hope there may be something here to inspire your own projects.
    Paints used were Vallejo acrylics where I had the right colours or old tubes of various artists’ acrylics when I didn’t.  Undercoat was a car spray undercoat.  Photography was the best I could manage with my Pentax Optio 550 compact.
    I write my own Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and I wanted our party of adventurers to meet some pixies, or, as they are known in Cornwall, pixys, pisgys or piskys.  The nearest match to what I envisaged was Reaper’s #2445 “Fairies”.  I waited four weeks for an English supplier who said he’d ordered them for me, then cancelled that, and ordered them direct, waiting another two ...
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