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    by Published on 09-02-2003 08:04 PM  Number of Views: 27636 

    I'm certainly not the best painter, and this is not an article on how to paint golden demon

    quality mini's. However, this painting method will yield an excellent table top army. I

    also want to show some other people the technique of layering. It took me a while to

    actually try it, but it works very well. I got the technique from the book "How to Paint

    Citadel Miniatures."

    Layering is a technique for someone with more patience then skill. It's not very hard, it

    just takes a subtle touch with the brush, and some good brush control. Miniatures, altho

    they're 3 dimensional, appear flat, unless you enhance them with proper painting. So, we

    paint in where the shadows and highlights should go.

    In photoshop, we'd blur the final step, but we can't do that in real life When viewed

    up close, the hard edges do look fake, but most figures won't be viewed so closely. ...
    by Published on 12-31-2002 11:21 PM  Number of Views: 58285 

    Hello Everybody. I've seen a lot of good pictures on here, but even more bad ones. Based on the Forums, most people have, or are about to have, a digital camera. This article will go over the basics of taking good pictures. We'll start with the setup, then with lighting. After that, we'll go over post production work, with things like brightness/contrast and sharpening. This article assumes you have a digital camera, and have read the manual. ...
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