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    by Published on 08-18-2003 03:25 PM  Number of Views: 45967 

    ok, here goes, it's my first article and I want to talk about making a diorama. Not a big one, just a small characterful diorama. That's why the skill-level is beginner, anyone who can paint mini's at a beginner level and has the basics of basing can try this.

    So let's begin shall we? I seperated the article in episodes and chapters, that way I can easily create the article WHILE I am working on the diorama itself. I kind of feel like a chef on tv ( Ainsley, move over :P ). I plan on adding to this article each week. This is by no means a definitive work on dioramas, just a suggestion on how to handle things.

    Even for small dioramas, you will need a lot of material. Well, less material will do, but more is better in this case . ...
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