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    by Published on 09-27-2004 10:27 AM  Number of Views: 64871 
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    Sculpture of a Knight (in 35mm)

    Thanks a lot to Peter Shepheard for his big help

    Greenstuff (GS) or Duro:

    GS (Greenstuff) is generally supplied in two-tone strips (as pictured). More recently, it can be found in tubes, where the two coloured sections are supplied in separate sticks rather than joined at the middle. This means none of the greenstuff will have cured before mixing, making it better for sculptors.
    One mixes the two colors (blue and yellow) and the result is a green paste (hence the name greenstuff) which cures/hardens in a few hours (though it is malleable for sculpting during the the first couple of hours).

    Some basic advice:

    - Always wear gloves when handling the GS, as it can be irritating to the skin (Vinyl gloves are better, as they stick less to the GS than latex gloves).
    - It is recommended to remove the centre of the GS before mixing (ie: the part where the two colours meet in the strip) as the GS at this point may already have begun to cure. To further ensure the GS stays fresh, it is a good idea to keep the GS in the fridge.
    - After having obtained a beautiful green color (by mixing for at least a minute), ...
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