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    by Published on 10-22-2011 12:59 AM
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    How to make realistic, dynamic landscapes for your table!

    (Originally from

    Welcome to our first step-by-step article that will guide you through making an actual, fully finished piece of terrain in the 3T-Studios style!

    For this DIY we’re going to cover the staple of wargaming terrain, the one piece of scenery that you can find on just about any table, anywhere in the world- The hill.

    While there is a huge variety of hills that people have made, there is probably one dominant picture that pops into your mind right away when we talk about wargaming hills:

    Here we have your basic chunk of styrofoam insulation, cut with a hot knife, stacked, painted and flocked. This style works fine when you absolutely have to get some terrain on your table, and you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. It’s adequate looking from a distance and very easy to move troops over. But this is NOT what we’re going to make, because to me, this thing does not look like a hill.

    These are hills:

    Well, pictures of hills at least. In nature, hills are made by many different geological processes, such as layers of earth that crunch together, buckle, fold and erode, making sharp or random shapes that jut out of the earth. Capturing this look may be a little more time consuming, but as you’ll see, it’s not especially difficult nor expensive to add this kind
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