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    by Published on 07-14-2012 12:10 PM
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    Hi all James here, today I will be reviewing the Secret Weapon Miniatures line of washes that can be purchased from the Secret Weapon website here:

    Alright, before I go really in-depth and tear apart the chemical formula of these washes (only kidding) I will cover some of the basics that I am sure many of you will be worried about.


    First of all the SW washes are presented in dropper bottles, this (depending on your personal preferences) may or may not be a good thing, (I will not be descending in to the whole “pots or dropper bottles” debate here) however I will say that I have never had one of these clog on me (probably because they are so fluid) and hey if you don’t like the droppers you can easily transfer these in to an old empty paint pot.

    The SW washes come with nice stylish labels that credit the original inventor (Les from and also give you basic information about the washes (they are water based acrylic washes) and great tips like “Shake well” as well as the amount of product you get in each bottle ...
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