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Years Painting: 20

I've been in the hobby for 20 years. I don't consider myself a particularly great painter, I just enjoy painting toy soldiers and don't take all this too seriously!


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Mephiston Lord of Death
Submitted on 20-Oct-10
Score: 9.6
Votes: 393
Comments: 7
by Wiltrich

Sartosa Pirate Captain - Silver Warhammer Single GDUK'11
Submitted on 27-Sep-11
Score: 9.5
Votes: 165
Comments: 18
by Wiltrich

Forgeworld - Khorne Terminator Lord Zhufor (Bigger Pictures)
Submitted on 27-Feb-09
Score: 9.4
Votes: 350
Comments: 31
by Wiltrich

Striking Scorpion vs Daemonette of Slaanesh Duel
Submitted on 28-Sep-09
Score: 9.4
Votes: 200
Comments: 17
by Wiltrich

Space Marine Blood Raven Commander
Submitted on 21-Jun-09
Score: 9.3
Votes: 288
Comments: 18
by Wiltrich

Space Wolves Battle Leader - Silver 40K Single GDUK'10
Submitted on 29-Sep-10
Score: 9.3
Votes: 171
Comments: 21
by Wiltrich

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Battle Leader (Conversion Shots)
Submitted on 29-Sep-10
Score: 9.3
Votes: 148
Comments: 9
by Wiltrich

Captain Antonius Vicenzi of the 9th Blood Angel Company
Submitted on 28-Sep-09
Score: 9.2
Votes: 196
Comments: 20
ebay item #: 170398648583
Current price: $0.00
# of bids: 0
by Wiltrich

'The Butcher' Nurgle Chaos Lord
Submitted on 30-Sep-13
Score: 9.2
Votes: 147
Comments: 13
by Wiltrich

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought - Forgeworld
Submitted on 21-Mar-10
Score: 9.1
Votes: 185
Comments: 19
by Wiltrich

Dark Vengeance Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus - Bronze 40K Single Category GDUK'12
Submitted on 28-Sep-12
Score: 9.1
Votes: 158
Comments: 6
by Wiltrich

Forgeworld Raven Guard Shadow Captain Korvydae
Submitted on 20-Apr-11
Score: 9.1
Votes: 152
Comments: 9
by Wiltrich

Forgeworld - Khorne Terminator Lord Zhufor
Submitted on 27-Feb-09
Score: 9.0
Votes: 153
Comments: 3
by Wiltrich

Imperial Fist Captain Lysander
Submitted on 1-Dec-09
Score: 9.0
Votes: 145
Comments: 10
by Wiltrich

Space Wolf - Wolf Guard Terminator
Submitted on 15-Sep-08
Score: 8.9
Votes: 189
Comments: 5
by Wiltrich

Space Wolf Njal Stormcaller
Submitted on 15-Dec-09
Score: 8.9
Votes: 174
Comments: 8
by Wiltrich

Forgeworld Angron Primarch Of The World Eaters
Submitted on 19-Dec-12
Score: 8.9
Votes: 149
Comments: 13
by Wiltrich

Games Day 2012 Blood Angel Space Marine - Bronze Open Category GDUK'12
Submitted on 20-Aug-12
Score: 8.8
Votes: 85
Comments: 4
by Wiltrich


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