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CMoN Contest 29: All the Shades of Grey

CMoN Contest 29: All the Shades of Grey

Entry closing date: 28 Mar 2015
Voting closing date: 4 Apr 2015

CoolMiniOrNot is proud to announce our next online painting competition: All the Shades of Grey. It’s mid-February, and most of us still are looking out the window at a palette of greys and browns and whites. So there’s plenty of inspiration around for a monochromatic challenge!

Well, technically, it doesn’t have to be monochrome. We want to see miniatures rendered in a limited palette. Film noir and pulp comics. Antique photographs and black-and-white Westerns. Sin City and 300. You get the idea.

Your entry may be a single figure, unit, vehicle/monster, or diorama, of any scale up to 90mm, or a bust up to 1/6 scale. All genres and manufacturers are eligible for entry. It must be painted in a limited palette such as greyscale, sepiatone, or using selective color (monochrome + strategic accent color), to create a monochrome or duochrome effect.

This competition begins Friday, February 13, 2015. Submissions will be accepted through March 28, 2015. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 6.

To enter:

• You must be a registered CMoN user. Registration is free and there is no entry fee. You can set up an account here.
• Upload one photo per entry to your user gallery. Photos may be composites or collages to show multiple views of the mini.
• When entering information about the mini, select ‘CMoN Contest 29 – All the Shades of Grey’ under ‘Competition.’
• All entries must be uploaded to CMoN. No external links are accepted.


• Entries may be single figures, vehicles, monsters, units, dioramas, or busts.
• Miniatures may be from any range or manufacturer. Miniatures may be no larger than 90mm in scale. Busts may be no larger than 1/6 scale.
• Entry photos must not have appeared in CMoN user galleries prior to the beginning date of this contest. You may submit new photos of previously painted models.
• Each user may submit up to 3 entries.
• The user gallery must be created, and the photographs uploaded, by the person who painted the entry.
• Entries must be uploaded before midnight EST on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

Voting and Prizes:

• Winners will be determined by CMoN user voting. Each entry will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10.
• Each user may vote on each entry only once. Subsequent votes from the same user account will not be factored into the final score.
• Only registered CMoN users may vote. Votes from unregistered users will not be factored into the final score.
• Voting will open Sunday, March 29, and close at midnight EST on Saturday, April 4.
• The three highest scored entries will be awarded first, second, and third place. Please note, while you may submit up to 3 entries, you are only eligible for one place award. Your highest scoring entry will receive the prize, and the next ranked place will go to the next highest scoring entry from another entrant.
• First place will receive $150 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Second place will receive $100 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Third place will receive $50 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit.
• Additionally, a special ‘Judges’ Pick’ award will be chosen by CMON studio painter Jen Haley and Scale75 studio artist Elias Alonso Herranz, painter of Scale75's monochromatic Laurel and Hardy bust set. The winner of this award will receive his or her choice of the 13 currently available Andrea Paint Sets (MSRP $29.99). All entries are eligible for this award.

Contest Entries received before 28 Mar 2015
Order by: Images on page:

Submitted on 14-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 52
Comments: 0

by Paintdaw

Submitted on 14-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 69
Comments: 3

by MAXXxxx

Reaper Pearl the Mermaid
Submitted on 28-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 6
Comments: 0

by mdbgx2

The Dictator
Submitted on 22-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 44
Comments: 1

by Les Drap

Eldar Spirit Stone Objective Markers
Submitted on 25-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 22
Comments: 0

by Sheps

French Officer 1940
Submitted on 25-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 26
Comments: 2

by fluister

Sky is grey
Submitted on 28-Feb-15
Final Score:
Votes: 7
Comments: 0

by AlienK


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